the hottest band in Beijing


"July 9th: Hebei psychedelic folk What? play with a new band called Robot (Jiqiren). RMB 20 (includes a draft beer). 9pm. What? (139 1020 9249)" (That's Beijing, July 2005 issue) -- it's under the wrong name, but whatever. With press like this, we'll be taking over the city in no time.
"Really good... like somewhere between Radiohead and Pink Floyd." (random punter, Yugong Yishan, 24th August)
"What? Bar, Forbidden City - The Party will be hoping that they can get this tiny bar space grooving." -- Time Out, September 2005, practically bursting with praise.
"The Party, along with Qingxian, has a rock and roll party near the Forbidden City." -- that's Beijing, October 2005. We didn't actually play this gig (on October 15th) but with promotion like that, I suspect we disappointed very few people.